Mini assignment #7 – Mass

Foam carving experience.

I never worked with this material before, i also never carved anything before. I usually added shapes together. I really wanted to try hand-held hot wire cutting tool, but Compleat Sculptor is closed on Sunday, and school couldn’t find one either. So i worked with a saw, knife, and table-mounted hot wire, sanding it at the end.  I tried to reference radiolaria, and even though i don’t like what i accomplished, i’m satisfied considering all circumstances.

dsc_0626 dsc_0627

Here i took a cube and broke it into smaller shapes and tried to play with an idea to reorganizing them and adding together in a new shape. I used only band-saw for this, it was pretty fast, easy and satisfying. I didn’t use guides, and satisfied with cuts.

dsc_0629 dsc_0630 dsc_0633

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