Mini Assignment – Plexi Pyramid

dsc_0769 dsc_0770 dsc_0771 dsc_0772


For this assignment plexi glass pyramid had to be created.

I wanted to practice manual approach. I scored plexi glass, measured places for the wholes. Plexi kept breaking while i drilled those holes, so i had to cut new triangles.

For connectors i bought a piece of brass and cut it into 1/2 by 1 inch pieces, drilled holes in them, and bended using duct-nose clamp.  I used a rivet gun further to assemble pyramid.

I though i measured everything, but when i started to assemble, i realized that it would’ve been better to move connectors closer to the middle. May be for such a small pyramid (3inch side of triangle) it would’ve been better to just have one wider connecter in the middle of the side.


img_7206 img_7203

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