Mini Assignment Wood Patterns


For this assignment we had to create patterns on wood surface by adding or taking out from the surface, without using paint.

It was my first time doing it manually (used laser rastor-etching before) so I wanted to try how burning tool and dremel would feel.

I loved working with burning tool, it goes smooth into surface (top left tile), the only minus is that it’s painful for the eyes.

Top right tile pattern was a result of using  chisel tool.

Bottom left is combination of drilling holes, an awl, and screw and nail. Basically the idea was to find anything readily awailable and work with it to create holes in surface.

Bottom right tile is a result of dremel. I like the look, it is a little harder than burning tool, and for about an hour after using the dremel the hand is still slightly tingles.

patterns1 patterns2 patterns3

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