Pictorial Space

The study of perspective started from the field trip to MOMA museum. The study of pictorial space was made. The link contains this study.

Pictorial Space Study at Moma 4th, 5th floors

Couple photos from that trip:



The following step was a trip to Time Square, which was photographed from different angles, from the middle of the square, from the low or high angles, and of people taking selfies.

Some photos of personal interest are following.

dsc_0634 dsc_0635 dsc_0636 dsc_0646 dsc_0648dsc_0650dsc_0653dsc_0666dsc_0669dsc_0687dsc_0692dsc_0695dsc_0707dsc_0716subwaysubway2_oleksandra

Next, two sketches-studies of one-point perspective and two-point perspective were made, followed by perspective study on Time Square photographs.

img_7792 img_7793



perspective2 Print

Lines were drawn on top of photos to establish perspective points.

During next few steps Times square was reconstructed into new space. Personal decision was made to turn Times square into old abandoned power plant. Drawing had to be line one, with an idea to further photograph it, bring to illustrator and do the coloring.

Here are inspirational photos for reconstruction:


Somehow an idea of further coloring kept me stuck, as i’m not strong at line drawing at all, and i felt like if i would’ve added detailes i wanted they would’ve been on my way in illustrator process, as I assumed it would be the best to have closed paths to color them successfully. Anyway, I think it’s lack of practice and mental constrain.

This is what i got


Photoshoped version with higher contrast.


Results weren’t satisfying as Illustrator wasn’t able to trace successfully this quality of drawing.

I went over my lines with sharpie, added some texture lines, that were lost later in tracing process, photographed a drawing again:


And next step finally brought me to satisfying tracing result, i chose to keep the same color scheme during coloring:


This file was brought to photoshop as a background to add people:


Couple people were found on my own photos, some were from Interent. In general it was hard to find more people photographed from this angle.

It was a fun project, but I totally dissatisfied with my result.




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