Material Studies

The idea for this assignment was to experiment with paper and felt to make pliable, modular and layered material.

I started with a paper.

Paper was burned in patterns and layered:


Cut in a pattern shown on the left side of the paper, when paper is cut and stretched out, it looks like a mesh:


Origami folding:


The idea of cutting pieces of paper and intersecting them to make a 3d modular form:

img_7780 img_7781

Newspapers rolled and weaved together:

img_7782 img_7783

Nail polish poured onto water surface and paper dipped in it:


Stage 2 was felt experiments, cut out papperns, cut strips and stitched together with beads, and leftover pieces put together:


Canvas folded in pattern and edge painted. and zipties weaved to create a surface:


And a rest of felt experiments was made with an idea to create modular, pliable and layered materials, that are presented on following boards:




Overall, this was satisfying experience. Now I’m thinking i should’ve played with some transparent materials, and with leather, but somehow this idea didn’t occur to me while i was experimenting.

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