Condition Report.

A Bitter Fight Over Who Inherits a Village Brownstone.





Newspaper Image Analysis:

  1. Physical Properties.
  • light/dark – the light is balanced, slightly on the dark side
  • use of color – colors are natural, photo i cut out from newspaper has less brighter colors, and photo from online source has more contrast.

2.  Composition.

  • perspective – one point perspective (refer to lines drawn over the photo from sketchbook)
  • point of view – the subject is directly in front of the camera, “eye-level”
  • placement of the figures – the main figure is in the center.
  • scale of things – the things appear normal, real size. Even though objects are real size, they are relatively big, which points out to the size of the apartment, they make me feel, that this space is definitely bigger than a studio apartment.
  • how is the picture organized (focus, symmetry) – i think that focus is the entire photo, entire space, that contains inside the man, and all objects that surround him. I would say the image is asymmetrical, because even though the man more less in the center, he is looking towards the right, and all objects around him don’t form symmetrical order.

3.  Subject Matter.

  • who/what – there is an old man, casually dressed, i read that he has fine artistic taste from the objects around him (interior, cock, gate, painting, chair, hats).
  • where – inside house/apartment, from photo it seems like he leaves in this space
  • when – during the daytime
  • how –

4. Visual/Cultural Meaning.

  • why – the man has concerned look at his face, he looks sad and worried. He is looking to the right, and thinking about the way we are referring to the timeline in our culture, he is concerned about future.  Also the fact that the background is in focus and the man doesn’t fill the whole space, for me it means that the article isn’t only about him, it’s about the space as well, there is a connection between him looking concerned and that space, or being concerned about the future of that space. Well, I possibly making it up, because i read a title, but I can’t undo that, so..


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