Digital Craft Exploration of Interests

For this assignment we had to find a project at or that speaks to our interests and create a response piece.

The project I chose is“unnamed-soundsculpture”/


I love immersive performance, kinect, sensors, i love everything about this project. An output is so beautiful, reminds me of some particles could be made with cinema 4d, which i find very aesthetically pleasing too.

As a response I created a photoshopped image. It shows the relationship between physical dancer and digital world.

I downloaded a photograph of a dancer from Internet, and used splash brushes. I separated dancer from the background, copied that layer, added mask, copied it again, moved to the left, used Liquify filter to distort it (in order to have area on the left side that has same colors as a dancer, so after i added a mask i could bring up this colors with brushes.)

Some work in progress photos:

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