Meditative Experiment

I was very interested in the process of meditation, in the ritual, in the process of getting in meditative state, in the feeling experiencing it.

I wanted to show the raw life the way it is, our routine that consists of actions that may overwhelm us, search of calming state, the state of visual creativity one may experience while in the zone. There is no black or white, in modern life we find co-existence within activities that aren’t calming (she is on her phone texting at the beginning and the end), and some rituals we find soothing.

I used a projector while filmed the video, and mapped triangles on the wall. For editing I used Resolume and Premiere, and for audio I recorded myself playing singing bowl.

The singing bowl i own specifically calibrates creative chakra, and by the last part of the video I was trying to show creative state of mind.



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