Everyday Typologies

Part 1.

I chose entryways in West Village as my typology “object”.

List of initial shared characteristics:

  • Rectangle shape
  • Vertical
  • Standing
  • Handle
  • Keyhole
  • Frame
  • Ornaments
  • Privacy

Part 2.

Thinking process/sketches

Descriptive drawing:

Naming: A lock. (Naming is super hard for me)


Designing an object that has to qualify certain parameters can be hard and constraining, and has its challenge.

I enjoyed the thinking process though when I was trying to find another object with same parameters which won’t be a door. I initially thought about some jewelry box, but while brainstorming for alternatives and thinking what else can be rectangular with a lock, and it occurred to me that it can be just a lock itself.

Things learned during the process and during a class critique:

Design within certain parameters is a fun and challenging process.

Designed object should be presented to an audience that was they can clearly understand what is that. Some things that help with are context, labeling which view is that (top, front, side), presenting object in few views, scale (my object lacks the scale!), color, repetition, functions.

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