Sequential Graphic Narrative

Stage 1./ Observation, comprehension, notes.

Initial place observation and idea development, sketches.

Chosen place is a busy corner of Christopher street and 7 ave. There is big traffic, car honking, a lot of people, noise, chaos. There are two ice-cream shops, and a tendency of people getting an ice-cream and going to little space in front of the church. The ritual of pausing and indulging into eating fat salty-sweet delight seems to mute noise and make people pass slower. (as I thought of my feelings I remembered old Bounty commercial). I want to show this in my narrative.

Stage 2./ Narrative execution.

Initially I considered crazy textures, since part of the assignment was to explore different mediums. My mind went wild, I planned to go to my chosen location and create pattern of actual car tire by asking someone to drive over a piece of paper, i considered to collect cigarette butts, to get ice cream and make it drip over the paper etc. I love collaging and overthinking, and I decided to stop myself with this idea and try to be simple, which is normally harder for me. As I am trying to develop simple minimalistic aesthetic I need to force myself to simplify sometimes. This is outcome.


Additional images of 3d-details:


Silent Critique:

My classmates were really kind to me:). They left extremely warm and positive critique and complimented 3d-details. Thank you guys!

P.S. I personally not in love with the last tile, I didn’t put enough time into thinking about it. It surely shows the idea, but looks too childishly simple for me.


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