Poster Design Proposal

Sustainable Systems Proposal

by Charlotte Miller, Cassadee Hirsch, and Carly Heyword

“Our decision to format Water Week’s promotion as different posters was made to reach as much of the student body as possible. As well as having the week’s day-by-day outline displayed on TV screens around the school, the visual poster itself will help pull in the targeted audience. Because of its simple design, Water Week is conveyed as a campaign that students can easily get involved with through activities that are both fun and engaging. Posters and other informative ways of communication, such as all school emails, would begin to be put into effect several weeks before the actual event. Generating awareness and conversation is one of the most important parts of this initiative – if things go accordingly, the students of the New School will be exposed to the truth behind New York City’s sewage-runoff sanitation system, and be prompted and inspired to make a difference.”


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