Open Works: Nervosa

Final Poster: created using Adobe inDesign and Adobe Illustrator. 


 Initial 10 Ideas:

1. time experience influenced by mental disorder –> panic attacks and how they feel

2. daily motions/routines —> but it’s a photo of hands on a table and a glass in one and bourbon. My idea is to do a series of different hands in a similar position but all different people, and in each photo the person would be holding two objects that relate to what they need at the end of that day. hm.

For example, after a long day of possibly sitting in an office, you could see them holding maybe a tv remote so she can kick back and relax in one hand, and a thing of popcorn in the other. Going for a darker side, you call also having someone holding a box of cigarettes and drugs in the other because that is what they’ve chosen to turn to in her life.

3. time and it’s influence on mood – ex. seasonal depression

4. time influencing mood small scale ex. feeling more alert and nervous walking at night as opposed to day

5. time lost — cellphones

6. sleep cycles and insomnia — experience of time and how it effects you the next day

7. moments of empty silence and what they mea

8. time as in things that have come and gone —> Looking at something that has maybe changed from something you originally knew, so like of you were looking at new condos, it will show a mix between that and the forest that used to be there, but the forest would be illustrated by a graphic design or highly photoshopped photo aligned together with the original photo of the location currently.

9. Showing important, monument moments in people’s lives that aren’t fully experienced cuz they’re too busy trying to document them (ie on iPhone). These could also be smaller, little moments that are easily missed unless you’re paying attention (ie. beautiful day but the person is too busy on their phone to notice it) OR an exaggeration of how infatuated people are with their devices (ie two people on a date but they’re both texting)  — cords wrapped around legs or them tripping over

  • installation
    • looking through a lens – can only see small portions of things 
    • selfie stick

10. Neon thread installation in a white or black room OR outside in a Forest?? strings representing the network and web of connection present through media and also getting your identity lost and caught up in the online world 

**added afterwords**

New Idea: Feelings such as excitement, nervousness, and fear all have the power to alter the sense of time experienced by the mind they inhabit, Certain mental illnesses, such as panic disorder and generalized anxiety, have a similar effect when in a heightened state. I am creating an installation that will utilize projected media, image transfers, and translucent material to simulate and induce an experience of anxiety and highlight its effects on time. Both as a symptom and as a function of what anxiety truly is, anxiety disorders are capable of producing a distorted reality of their own. More often than less, these experiences tend to overpower the truth and drive the experiencer into a state of derealization: a defense mechanism that completely shuts down certain components of the brain during times of extreme anxiety. 

Through projected video and three photographs that will be image transferred onto thin sheets of plastic, I want to mimic these altered perceptions. I want the media involved to make people feel uncomfortable and nervous, but unable to pinpoint the exact source behind these emotions. A DISTORTED DECIEVED DELIRIOUS nervosa.

 Description:   Nervosa is a multimedia installation that simulates and evokes certain aspects of the artist’s struggle with anxiety. Combining new material with old, as well as incorporating quite personal aspects into the piece, Nervosa is meant to take the experiencer on a journey through a mental state, in which the element of time becomes but a fragmented memory,which hides in the depths of the mind, just out of reach. By enveloping the entire room and reestablishing it as its own aspect of my installation, I utilize the idea of space in a way that the viewers feel emotionally effected by the placement of items in the room, and the layout and walking patterns my large, plastic sheets create. An obvious way that this project relates to my future endeavors as a designer is the fact that it introduced me to a form of performance art I never knew existed: the act of creating an installation/any art piece that is emotionally raw and revealing to the point that your artistic connection to the piece, and the character created within it, is a performance in itself.

Mind Map:

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 3.20.55 AM

 Video Played at Installation: 

 The Installation in Action: 

Self Portraits Used in Nervosa: 






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