Self/Reveal: 7/23

Artist Statement: I am a fourth generation Japanese American (yonsei) living in Marin County, California which is 80% Caucasian. Growing up with both grandparents on each side of my family interned during World War II, I was constantly being educated about segregation and how even though both my grandparents were born in the United States, […]

MOMI Reflection: 7/20

When walking around MOMI on the second floor I was immediately taken aback by this portrait. I was in love with the spiral fan behind the main models body to add a contrast between the black background, her black sheer outfit and the white fan. I also love how her face hits the lighting so […]

ICP Reflection: 7/17

  I chose this photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson titled “Prostitute”. The reason for choosing this specific photo is because I loved the composition of it, and how the prostitute’s hair and shirt contrasted the white doorway. I also really thought it was interesting how she was staring the viewer right in the eyes with her […]

Ikebana Flaneur Project: 7/17

Artist Statement: My Grandmother is one of the few Grand Master’s in the Ohara School of Ikebana still alive. Ikebana is a Japanese flower/tree arranging art form where in the Ohara School, emphasizes seasons and how it is very important to observe nature in order to try and emulate it through art.  With the naturally […]

MoMA Visit: 7/13

Before Plato’s Cave by Sofia Borges really pulled me in as a photo because of the spotlight shining down on the figures in the dark street. Borges did a excellent job of pulling the viewers eye across her work by having a hand in the upper right corner leading to the three figures in the […]

Coney Island: 7/11

Artist Statement: Coney Island is a colorful destination for tourists and locals alike to unwind. In my photo essay I tried to find not the literal colorful rides at the boardwalk itself, but the different colorful personalities in the boardwalk. Within ten minutes of walking down the stretch I realized that everyone I had approached […]

Tony Hiss and R. Murray Schafer Articles

After reading Tony Hiss’s philosophy on travel, I began to acknowledge how I was guilty of getting caught up in the negatives of traveling (like having to deal with traffic or security), and rarely slowed down to experience ‘deep traveling’. Similarly after reading R. Murray Schafer’s article about the soundscape I also have fallen guilty […]