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For the 3rd Bridge Project for Integrative Studio1, we had to create a wearable for our own avatars. Our group was Luis, Nanshan and me. It was hard to meet up all together due to the different schedules and places we live, but somehow we managed the time and we made a group chat where we sent texts whenever ideas came up or had questions.

IMG_7560 IMG_7561

➤ The first screenshot is me asking the other group members to go look up our story for Seminar class. Even though we all wrote the parts of the stories, I wanted to make sure that they edited the passages as well. The second screenshot shows the location where we decided to meet for more work time out of class (we actually worked for 8 hours on that day). Also because I had class at 7:00p.m, I had to leave early, so I texted them whether they finished well.

The movie date: Our group watched WALL-E for our movie date, which is a science fiction based on the only left Earth robot and it’s life. We wanted to keep the idea of science fiction and pursue with it by portraying similar features for our Avatar. Instead, we chose EVA to be a girl robot with human’s characteristics. We kept the title as EVA in the same way as WALL-E. As we decided the theme, it became clear and ideas easily came up as a group.


Back to October 23rd:

➤ Photos that inspired our thoughts for the wearable

000408d50da56d22f4e6ae215a1a62d6 Geometric-dress-image-full Inspiration from McQueen's dress tumblr_inline_neycc6obSi1szdiw2 IMG_1534 We tried to look not only for futuristic and geometric clothes within the colors of galaxy, but also that demonstrated the body of a female, as our story’s main character, Eva, was a robot girl that had woman’s features. Also, we wanted to include earthly objects as Eva desperately  wished to enter Earth.

➤ Sketches of our wearable

IMG_7422 IMG_7423 IMG_7487 As we sketched and developed ideas, our initial thought was to make a dress that was separated into two parts, the top and the skirt, and a geometric shaped cover around the skirt. We wanted the upper part of the top open to show Eva entering Earth as she approaches the top side. For the materials, we chose spray paint to express the galaxy on the dress (as Nanshan colored the dress in his sketch in the 2nd photo). However, we weren’t sure what to use for the geometric cover (to show the metal like quality) until Anette suggested to buy silver mylar.

➤ Experimenting with paper

IMG_7424 IMG_7426 IMG_7478 IMG_7485 IMG_7486 We decided the different parts for work; Me doing the top, Nanshan making the dress, and Luis working on the geometric cover. We shaped the papers as our wearable to see how it would turn out to be and Luis experimented the geometric shapes on a water bottle by himself, with the skills from his Space and Materiality class.

October 30th, working in class time:

➤ Spray Painting

IMG_1518 IMG_1526 IMG_1527 IMG_1533 IMG_1525 First, Nanshan and I experienced spray painting on a piece of paper. As we got used to it, we started painting on the pillow case that Nanshan had bought from Muji. We mixed all the colors, black, blue, purple and white in order to create the mysterious atmosphere of the galaxy. We had to layer up few times to cover the black stripes from the pillow case, but at the end it turned out well. Also, we spray painted on the white sleeveless top I brought, covering the upper part with a paper so that the paint doesn’t splatter all around.

➤ The Geometric Cover

IMG_9350 IMG_9351 IMG_9356 IMG_9360 While Nanshan and I was working in the spray paint room, Luis made the geometric cover with paper in the real size. He attached different triangles all together, creating a new geometric shape as a whole. He labeled all the triangles and redrew them on the cardboard he brought. At the end of the class, Nanshan and I helped him out cut the cardboard. However, we didn’t have time to attach them all together and cover them in silver mylar.

➤ Result of the work of the day in class

IMG_9361 IMG_9365 IMG_9367 IMG_9368 Once we put the pillow case over the dress form (after cutting the sewn side of the case), we actually liked the way it looked. The sleeveless top didn’t turn out as we expected, so we sticked with the idea of using the whole pillow case as a dress. A new question came up: What should we do with the cut part of the top? Should we sew it so it looks neat?

November 5th, another workday out of class:

➤ Work in progress (mainly on the cover for the dress)

IMG_7540 IMG_7543 IMG_7544 IMG_7545 IMG_7546 We met up in the wood shop room 901 in Parsons 2 to finish up our wearable. I started with cutting out the flower patterned laces from my old clothe and Nanshan helped Luis glueing silver mylar to the cardboard. After I was done cutting, I sticked them on the upper part of the dress, layering one another to make seem like a flower garden. Then I joined Nanshan and Luis, focusing on the cover. Glueing silver mylar on cardboard was quite a hard job as it didn’t stick smoothly as we wished. We first folded the shapes to make the work easier and glued silver mylar on top of it. However, the more challenging part was putting all the shapes together. I wasn’t able to do the job because of class, but later I heard that it took them a lot of time and labor.

➤ Finally, the wearable was done!

IMG_7554 After hours of work, we were able to finish up the work. However, the cover didn’t turn out as we expected; we wanted it to spread out even more as shown above with the use of paper. We didn’t have time for another work, nor did we have any strength left. Still, it looked good in it’s ways!

November 6th:

➤ Final Work

DSC_0204 DSC_0207 detail5 detail4 detail3 Our group chose to take pictures inside of the University Center as it is full of geometric shapes and it portrays our wearable well. We made last edits, covering the empty spaces with crumpled silver mylar. Also, we added a ball of crumpled silver mylar in the open part of the front side of the skirt to give a sense of a button, as the cover is both removable and attachable in anytime.

➤ Story Slam Session

IMG_9693 IMG_9695 IMG_9696

” ” I wonder if it was worth losing my best friend, in order to go back to a place where the people don’t even want me. ”

Heart broken, Collin says, “you have me now, you will never be alone.”  Eva leaned in for a hug. As both touched it was quite refreshing for Collin as to Eva’s metalic body was cooling his warm body. They hugged and didn’t let go of each other. Interlocked they studied the stars in the distance. Collin jokingly said, “if earth doesn’t work out for us, we can go and explore those planets. We might  find a better earth than Earth itself.” Eva laughed. As they continued their conversation, they failed to notice that the air pressure was drastically changing as they were entering the earth’s orbit. Red flashing lights with loud buzzing sounds went off. Collin and Eva had lost control of the airship.


Collin soon regained consciousness after the crash. Taking a look around, he discovered Eva’s body shortly.   

“ Wake up Eva! Wake up!” ……

Eva opened her eyes slightly, but immediately closed them again. For days Collin worked from day and night trying to bring Eva back to life. Nothing was working. Just as he was giving up something unexplainable happened. Eva opens her eyes, Collin glances up and shouts her name,”Eva, Eva you’re alive, I thought I’d lost you.” Eva didn’t speak a word, she had completely lost her memory. As Collin realized this he was saddened, to think that he yet again he had lost someone he cared deeply for. Collin made it his goal to make Eva fall in love with not only with earth once again, but with him as well. ”

– We chose Luis to tell the story by himself as he had the perfect calm voice as a story teller. Also, Nanshan and I were too shy to act out well. However, Nanshan included the sound ‘Crash’ during the session with his computer.

➤ Reflection

Personally, I think we did a great job together. At first I wondered why Anette and Alex grouped me with Luis and Nanshan, but later as work progressed I figured out that we matched well as a whole. We had similar thoughts and it wasn’t hard gathering ideas all together as a whole. We were worried because none of us had experience making or sewing clothes, but we figured out a solution which lead us to success. The problem was meeting all together out of class as Luis didn’t live in the dorm. However, working as a group allowed us to build up and work faster in a better way. Because every each of us had different talents, we were able to mix along the qualities and create the finest work!

➤ Our story EVA








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