Habitat, is, by definition, the natural environment of an organism, or the place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism. A habitat must be able to sustain the life of the organism living in it and encourage the growth of the same organism. A habitat should be where an organism is able to thrive and properly grow without inhibition from the very habitat the organism lives in.

I personally don’t believe that I have a single habitat where I can grow and thrive. I find that my habitat exists in what I create around myself. The relationships I make, the art I create, and the feelings that I experience are all part of my habitat because I do not have a single physical habitat where I survive and thrive. I don’t feel like there is a place in this world where my life is being sustained and my growth is encouraged, except for when I create that place for myself. I feel as if my habitat exists when I build it around myself.

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