Final Reflection for Int. Studio 2

Reflect on your semester.

I had a lot of fun with the projects given out this semester. They all varied and pushed my creativity by constantly evolving with the help of the input and opinions given by my classmates and teacher. I learned about the fashion industry and about myself along the way. A Monday morning 9:00 AM class is never but I truly enjoyed this one.

Consider the connections between your courses, and the assignments within each.

Sometimes I didn’t understand the connection between my assignments and the course I was in but at the end it made me a better artist and enhanced my skill in whatever medium I used. Other times the connection between the course and assignment was clear and put the lesson into perspective for me.
Describe the outcome of your Final Project.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my final project. Not only did it come out the way I hoped it would but it expressed the message I was trying to deliver.
Include a sentence or two about your intentions for this project. How do you connect it to your thesis?

What I wanted my audience to get from my project was a sense of self reflection from ones self. Looking at the world today there are so many ways people have began to portray themselves it can feel as if one is alone in an unnamed category but after walking the streets of New York I wanted to prove that wrong and show that people are more alike than they think. It’s all about finding yourself and the people you relate to most. I connected this project to my Int. Seminar 2 thesis by giving a visual representation of how the choices people make lead them to who they are today and how they portray and express themselves. Wether or not that’s who they truly think they are or if that’s who they think they should be or who they wish they were.
Briefly describe your process, and connect it to at least two process photos.

I started this project by walking around New York City with a camera and approaching strangers asking if I could take photos of their outfits. After taking photos I asked them a variety of questions about their style and where they shop and why and how they choose their outfits. Then, once I felt like I had enough photos I grouped the photos by their similarities in style. Next, I cropped out the figures using Photoshop’s magic tool and copy and pasted the figure into a blank document. After that I cut the figures out and arranged them onto the booklet page in a way that seemed playful while still leaving room for the text. I audio recorded the interviews so I had to transcribe what was said and put the text into a text box that would fit on the page it belonged to. Once that was finished I printed the text out, cut out the boxes and pasted them onto the booklet page. Finally I arranged the pages in a way that made it clear each page was different from the last.

I am pretentious and ambivalent about myself and unbelievably naive and my favorite piece of writing is "When I Look at a Strawberry, I think of a Tongue"

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