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DIT, or D.I.T., is a more recent revision of the DIY acronym and stands for “do it together.” DIT ethics based on community organizing and encourage artists and musicians to teach each other valuable skills in order to sustain alternative communities.


Zine is an abbreviation of magazine. As the name suggests, zines are like mini magazines. They are independent publications often made on Xerox machines in a cut and paste style. Since the early 1970’s people have been making zines to track and tell stories about their favorite bands (in this context they are known as fanzines). Many people have used this format to write about their lives or personal politics (these are known as perzines).


Queercore is a subgenre of punk rock starting in the 1980’s and continuing through to today.  Queercore bands are often politically motivated with lyrics dissecting gender and sexuality within punk culture and society at large. Many Queercore artists and bands take influence from genres beyond punk. Notable bands within this genre include Team Dresch and Pansy Division.


Horrorcore is a subgenre of Hip Hop inspired by and making use of horror imagery. Lyrics are often graphic in nature and the music often mixes Hip Hop and Hardcore elements. Notable artists within this genre include the Geto Boys, Tech N9ne, and Insane Clown Posse.


Juggalos are fans of the horrorcore group, Insane Clown Posse (ICP). Juggalos often wear black and white face paint in the style of nightmarish circus clowns. Their clothing and paraphernalia often features images of “the hatchetman” the mascot of ICP’s record label, Psychopathic Records. Female juggalos are often called “juggalettes.”


Hardcore is a subgenre of punk music, beginning in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s and is still thriving globally as a subculture today. Hardcore music is differentiated from other punk styles by its faster and more abrasive sound.

Urban Indian

Urban Indian is used to describe people with Native American heritage who live in urban areas. “Urban Indian” may also apply to individuals who were born on a reservation but relocated to an urban area.

Turtle Island

Turtle Island is a term with indigenous roots used to describe the continent referred to in Western literature as North America. It derives from several oral traditions across multiple tribes describing the landmass as a great turtle.


Rez is a colloquial abbreviation used to refer to Indian reservations. It is often used as an adjective to describe something as having qualities related to life on a reservation, for example “rez chick.”