LER Post 1

  1. One thing that was new to me last friday was the circular seating arrangement/discussion based class structure. I liked it better than the passive style of class that I was familiar with.
  2. One thing I found interesting about last wednesday was how visual arts related subjects were approached from a writing and conceptual standpoint.
  3. Yes, whenever an artist is mentioned in class I look up the rest of their body of work.
  4. One question I have from last wednesday’s class is will we be writing extensive reflections about our bridge projects?
  5. One of the ideas in the essay that struck me was how in order to create a pictorial reality on a 2-D plane, the perspective has to be arranged for a single beholder. This implicates the viewer in the painting.
  6. One question the reading leaves me with is to what extent does the ability to reproduce images of artworks make the art world more democratic?
  7. In my Capitalism and Its Futures class, we discuss how cultural and personal identity are produced by agency within preset social structures. I think about the relationship between my agency and the social structures that I was born into when considering my identity for projects in Studio and Seminar.

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