• 11/3/20
  1. 200 – 350 word summary of your redesign challenge object. 
    1. By looking around my house, there is one product that I don’t feel comfortable about is a small plastic pill container  , which is fully made from colorful transparent plastic. It looks cheap, trashy and not creative at all. Therefore, I was thinking about redesign a transparent pill container by mixing the bioplastic and natural dye techniques, to create an interesting pill container design which is also sustainable.
  2. 200 – 350 word description of your “ideal” user. Include why and how this  user will benefit from your redesign. 
    1. Because my thesis topic is about researching the living conditions and problems of Long-life medication takes, therefore my goal is also trying to design a sustainable and inevitable product in long-life medication taker’s life. I hope this biodegradable and creative pill box design is able to comfort their emotions and give them some hope for living.
  3. Mood board containing inspiration images, your sketches etc.
  4. Mood Board:
  5. Bioplastic Sample:
  6. Pill Box Mold:

Due 11/3/20.

  • 11/10/20    DIY MORDANT Preparation Documentation Due  
  • 11/10/20 In-class, speed-dating review of your project proposal as seen on your LP post. 

This week you will write up a hypothesis of possible materials and plant dyes. Begin collecting natural dye material and fabrics. Find a personal item you want to upcycle into your final product. Your personal item does not have to make up the entirety of your piece, but can be incorporated in some form. 



Natural Dye Experiments

Plants: Dry Jasmine, Pomegranate bark

Mordants: Alums, Green Copperas, Blue Copperas, Iron-Vinegar, Dry Plum Juice