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“Cross-Course Reflection”

Integrative Seminar 2 Learning Portfolio Reflection Post “Cross-Course Reflection” Instructions: Develop a cross-course reflection that compares and contrasts work you completed in your first year at Parsons, and post this to your Learning Portfolio (LP). This reflection will highlight your… Continue Reading →

Soft Structure: Final project Journal

Puppet Process Picture

7 May Updated Final Project LP Post

      Process Photos      1:Set up all the using tools 2: Printed out the photoshopped pattern                           3: Traced down the pattern on a tracing paper (marker… Continue Reading →

Integrative Seminar + Studio: Whitney Museum Research

Part 1. CONNECTION 1a.  Historical Case Study: Strike, Boycott, Advocate Research Issue: Strike, (Low Class) Working Class’s Living Condition Connection Between Case Study and Issue: The case focus on the protest of working class which related to my topic, which… Continue Reading →

30 April – updated Final Project LP post

  After the meeting with my instructor last week, I decided to redesign the patter of my wallpaper/ toile because me and my instructor both agreed with using Victorian Era history as the background is a better decision. Redesigned Story… Continue Reading →

Final Project IS2 – Visual Culture LP Post

    Explain exactly what you did on your Studio project since our last class.  Last class, I turned in my final project prototype (as above) In this prototype, I created a wallpaper, which indented to show the contrast between… Continue Reading →

Digging Deeper Into Your Taxonomy (bridge 3 part II)

What location did you visit for your visual research and what did you find?   The location I picked was the streets near Washington Square. How did the locations (museum/gallery/etc.) you visited expand/broaden/deepen your understanding of your topic? (this could be… Continue Reading →

Final Project IS2 – Visual Culture

The topic you are researching in Seminar What causes Urban Alienation in Tokyo? Is Urban Alienation good or bad for both city folks? The specific message/content you are exploring in Studio Victorian Era Wallpaper/ The contrast between low class and high class… Continue Reading →

Taxonomy + Questions Based on Victorian Wallpaper

             My taxonomy is based on the theme of “Class”. Back to the years after the British Great Depression (1929-1932), millions of people lost their jobs, the rate of unemployment raised rapidly. Plenty of wealthy… Continue Reading →

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