Tony Hliss’s In Motion: The Experience of Travel

Hliss touches on the idea of how travel expands your mind and makes it so you can see a new world as a child does. He explains how we do not connect to nature because the vastness of it allows us to make it a rarity. He explains how fear tends to linger in travel since 9/11 but I think for my generation where excessive travel and border protocol is normal the excitement of exploring a new place overrules the fear of weaponized travel and terrorism. I wish he would have gone into detail about what he perceives to be deep travel because I think a sense of wonderment in this acts as another muscle whereas I see traveling more as a learning process and a new range of emotions.

This essay reminds me of the book “A Field Guide to Getting Lost” wherein the author explains the necessity of getting lost within yourself and your surroundings. Hliss makes the argument that travel is a way of life however I see it as another form of escapism. A human condition is that we find new ways to perceive the world and traveling is another way to find the world you want to understand and reconstruct ideas of.

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