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MY WEBSITE: http://rorys.webfactional.com/novib698/index.html

For this project, I had the idea of creating a how-to website. I asked myself, what would I want to learn as a viewer? Being that I am a college student, in one of the most expensive cities, I thought; how about a website that gives out valuable advice on how to acquire money. In that way, I can learn for myself and also share my findings. My idea of how I wanted to pursue this project came to mind very quickly however, I think subconsciously I was intimidated at the thought of doing a coding project with just a few weeks remaining in the semester. As a result, I started the project a bit later than I should have and as usual, I realized coding wasn’t all that bad. Perhaps if I had given myself more time I would have been able to excel in this project.

With that being said I am not too disappointed in my results. For someone who has just learned how to code in in a few days, it’s fine. And simply the fact the I gained the knowledge to do the basics when it comes to coding was empowering and satisfying. Now the product I produced is very simple and I wish I could have done more, with that being said, the subject I choose was quite simple so I did ultimately want to create a straightforward project. I wanted to make it more about the information, the advice.

My three perspectives were three people that were well off, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, and Warren Buffet. Two of the individuals that I am exploring through this project, Tony and Napoleon are teachers of this subject of how to create wealth. This made finding advice from their perspective quite easy. Whereas with Warren, information is here and there so I had to dig for it. Most of my time was spent on doing research. I wanted to present genuinely helpful information but I think that’s the part of where I went wrong.

To have had made the coding aspect easier I think I should have given myself a larger timeframe to explore the new language. Since this project is slightly more about learning how to code than the actual content (my takeaway).

All in all, I love this final because it was a healthy challenge. It didn’t seem like that initially but now, at the back end of it, I realized that it was. I most definitely will utilize this information in the future because one, it’s fun to me and second, unfortunately, and fortunately, as time goes forth it is becoming more and more evident to me there is no escaping the usage of technology. In my generation and the ones that follow, it’s something we have to have a grasp of because it’s everywhere. Consquelaltiy, the more you know about technology, the more valuable you are.

I always felt as if I was born in the wrong generation because iPhone and other gadgets of that nature don’t appeal to me but intellectually I understand their importance and I understand coding is the future so I am willing to learn. And there is no doubt in my mind I won’t use coding because I am a fashion designer so I am going to eventually have to create a website and others things that allow for me to integrate coding within my space of work. And now that’s going to be something I look forward to because of my experience.

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