Givenchy Ad and Gender

When considering gendered representations within fashion advertisement I immediately thought about the following ad.


Givenchy , Ricardo Tisci. AW 2010 Campaign

This campaign included the first representation of a transgendered model in a national fashion campaign. Lea T., the model featured throughout the campaign initially worked within the Givenchy offices but was included in the campaign by her friend and designer, Ricardo Tisci. Throughout “Fashion and Cultural Studies” Susan B. Kaiser directs the complexities of a gendered representation within fashion and the many intersecting lines that creates. She writes that, “Gender multiples as we consider intersectionalities and possibilities for articulations through ‘stylized repetitions of acts'” (Kaiser 131). Therefore this campaign defied a severe gender binary which had previously, and quite realistically still does divide fashion through enforcement of gendered expectations of dress. Though the use of a model who does not fit into a cis or clear gender definition should not be a radical choice Lea T’s presence in this mainstream ad provoked conversation about gender and the rights of transgendered individuals. This conversation was therefore raised to viewers who would otherwise never considered gender or the fluidity and rigidity we all lay somewhere between in our own representations of our gender.In addition Kaiser discusses the idea that FtM individuals will often experience a harsher social reaction due to gendered hierarchies (133) which also therefore applies throughout this advertisement. This advertisement campaign therefore says to many individuals that their representation of their selves is valid and legitimate and that though others may have deemed them as less than beautiful it is not applicable.

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