Dress Practice Reflection


Overall the experience of creating my daily dress log raised the themes of the importance of color and pattern in my overall style of dress. Each day featured bright and busy garments which provided me with a sense of happiness and warmth as I move through my day. The practice of logging my daily dress made me realize just how few shoes I have that I actually wear. Most days I have work and school so I have to wear something cute and somewhat practical which seems to be my Doc Martens or the suede slip on mules seen in both the photos below. I have many more pairs of shoes but these seem to be my go to shoes for practicality though they may not look like a shoe one would look at and assume comfort. This experience also made me consider what kind of silhouettes make me feel most confident and secure. I like sleeves and long skirts which can be paired with a light jacket or tights for more warmth or by themselves for less. They’re practical for when I have to bend down and move around at work and also for carrying bags while commuting to school. Therefore my daily dress practice seems to boil down to a balance of comfort practicality and a decorative and extensive use of color and pattern. 

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