Fashion Studies Reflection

Fashion is a set of trends and styles which encompass a greater aesthetic sensibility of a given era. It serves as an umbrella term that can relate to fashion of the masses often referred to as style or high fashion. Fashion also acts as a visual representation of the time but also often refers to what is beyond a given period or considered modern. Susan B. Kaiser quotes “philosopher/writer Walter Benjamin who said that ‘for philosophers the most interesting thing about fashion is its extraordinary anticipations…it precedes the perceptible reality by years.’”(pg44). This paints the picture that contrary to popular belief fashion is truly cyclical and depicts the given moment but also where we are headed while referencing past fashion events. Fashion also represents the given values of a time period as well as the social and or economic content of the area in which it is produced. I believe I now have a much broader view of fashion, and although it is separate from style I believe it also encompasses and is influencing of our modes of personal dress weather we are aware of it or not. Ultimately fashion does not operate in a vacuum and instead is affected by all of the social factors of the time period and eventual evolve into variations of style ad appear in our own dress practices.

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