For this assignment, our group wants to create light fixtures that allow people to escape from reality. We want to do this by using different colors that give off different moods and feelings- ultimately trying to soothe the viewer. For example, the ocean/blue can reflect being calm and relaxed; wildlife/green gives off a natural feeling; the sun/yellow portrays happiness and excitement; etc. To separate the different ‘themes’ we want to make four separate shadow boxes that create a different type of mood that is created by nature.

BIOMIMICRY: the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.
I want to incorporate aspects of biomimicry in my piece, influenced by pink sunsets and the light that seeps through clouds during this process.
I also want to explore mood with this piece, through color.
Pink is usually associated with love, or a dreamy feeling. I would like to generate that sort of sensation.

Phase One: visual documentation (moodboard)



“LAVA LAMP” juice


(The four of us will have our individual frame and it will connect like so^^^)

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