Fischli & Weiss Review.

Upon seeing the Venice work and the Venice videos I was very intrigued, especially by the size of the Venice Work, and how there were so many of the little clay forms. The stories they addressed were also very interesting because some of them were very related.

IMG_1126 IMG_1125 IMG_1128 IMG_1127

The exhibition space for the Venice Videos was very captivating as well, however the number of videos in that room to me although from the same artists had very contrasting themes. Some about animals, others about food, sports and lifestyle.

I came across a radio piece which was very interesting to me. Mainly because it was just an ordinary and everyday object which was just put up and viewed as art.
Visible World
In visible world I was immediately awe struck just by the way the images transformed and dissolved into other images, the bleeding was so smooth that it was almost not noticeable.
The way things go was also very captivating, because although I’m not sure if i saw it from the beginning, I know I was there for a very long time, because it caught my attention, however I didn’t see the end, because it was an amazing never ending video.
Question projections was very funny to me, because it seemed just like ordinary questions but they really made you think, although they were presented very jovially.
I really enjoyed the exhibition, it was my first time at the Guggenheim and it was an amazing first time because of the exhibition.


  1. Lillian McKenzie November 3, 2021 at 3:37 pm

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