History of Modern and Contemporary Art Reflection Post

Emma Ortiz

Learning Portfolio Post

Meadham Kirchhoff has been one of my favorite fashion designers and artists since the day that I was introduced to them. There was something about them that was so refreshing and I love the originality that they exhume through their work. Before, when I wanted to be a fashion designer I found myself using them as inspiration all the time because it was exactly the type of designer I wanted to be. Since then I have decided I want to be more art based, and I am studying illustration. Although since then my drawing style and content has changed drastically, I still find myself referencing them all the time. I think it just shows how much they have impacted me as a person solely through the fact that they were the first people to even come to mind when this essay was assigned. I hope that my art leaves the impression on someone like they have left an imprint on me. Although I’m not making or designing clothes anymore, now that I think of it, I feel like I have a lot of similar interests and influencers as Meadham Kirchhoff. While watching a video interview of them in their studio, I saw a lot of glitter and baby pinks and hello kitty and fun, simply cute things. Although a lot of people might find that childish, I find a lot of inspiration in stuff like that because I love the illustrate for a children audience. I have not really thought about myself being influenced by Meadham Kirchhoff so directly since I stopped making clothes, but when posed the question I guess that I can say I am still inspired by their passion and aesthetic in general. screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-06-55-pm

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