Object Exploration


A chair is very simple; it provides a seat for our bottoms and usually a place for us to rest our backs. The main function of a chair remains the same, regardless of if you use it for a different purpose (eg. as a step ladder). I guess its safe to say that for each object, but I found that the chair was rather interesting to choose because when scanning around my room for an object, I noticed that I have two chairs and only one of everything else. Chairs serve a great deal to us everyday people without us even realizing it, that is as long as we aren’t standing in line and begging to sit down in a chair.The first chair in my room has a wooden seat, and legs and a back which are white iron. The chair next to it is more of an arm chair, with a light blue cotton fabric. These are just two types of chairs that exist in the world. There are so many types, but they all at least have legs, and a seat.

The interesting thing about chairs is that they all have the same purpose, but they compete with each other in design and comfort, to make you think that they are the best chair out there. I’m not really sure when the design of the object became more important than the function of the object, but I believe that it has crossed to that point. Many times I find people testing out chairs and saying this is super comfortable, but ugly and then end up choosing a less comfortable chair with a better design. But is the point of a chair to be pretty or comfortable? I would like to know more about the relationship between person and chair; maybe better said, designer and person. When did chairs become more based on aesthetic than function? In what places are chairs more important as design pieces than as seating objects? What type of people deice the difference?

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