Villain, Victim, Villain

Soda, is a bunny, whose fur tells a lot about her story. She is a bunny for helping, and caring. Every time she goes to help someone, no matter what or who they are, she takes something with them. At first glance, her fur seems soft and like cotton candy, but when you get closer and feel it you notice that its actually a little bit rough and comprised of a ton of little particles that are stuck together. The things that she takes with her from each “patient” that she goes to visit are not visible to our human eye because they are hidden within her fur. What she takes is different each time, and she wants it to be something specific to the reason she is visiting.

Whenever Soda gets a call, it is a slight ringing in her ear, and then she looks up into the sun and he points her in the right direction (this isn’t just being able to read direction by looking towards the sun but its actually a secret code language that the sun and Soda have). Soda doesn’t hop on the ground, she hop/glides through the clouds (she’s like a super bunny if you haven’t already noticed). I’ll tell you one story about how she got one part of her fur. One day, she was just sitting around eating a lollipop, when she got a call. She looked into the sky and the sun pointed her towards the West, so she went. She could hear some bickering, but she knew that she wasn’t even halfway there yet, so she figured this was gonna be a bad one. When she arrived at the place, she saw two small dogs arguing. She was a bit confused, because usually she doesn’t show up to a fighting scene, so first she sat back and analyzed the situation. Why am I here? What do these dogs need from me? What would have been an easy fix would have been to take the orange that these dogs were fighting over and take it with her forever, but instead she sat back and listened to what they were saying. After listening back and forth for some time she began to realize that their arguing was stemmed from the lack of understanding these two dogs had for each other. It became her mission to have these dogs get one another. She took the orange, and split it in half and then ate it herself. Both of the dogs got even angrier, and started screaming even louder. She swiped a tiny piece of both of their tongues (just a little bit nothing actually happened to their tongues and they grow back anyways). And just like that she was gone, her entire way back she could hear them still screaming in anger, but instead of screaming at each other they were yelling about Soda. How she was annoying, rude, how dare she take their food and hurt their precious faces. Soda was laughing, this was doing just the trick. The more they vented about how awful she was, the more  they were realizing how similar they were to each other. Soda made it home, and stuffed their tiny bit of tongue into her fur, and turned on some TV. She fell asleep quickly knowing that she had just made 2 best friends out of hatred for her, but it didn’t bother her. Her job is to help, and that she did. A hero, victim, and a villain, whichever way you want to look at it.

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