Compost Dispenser to Fight Fungus

There are many invasive species in New York City. Ceratocystis Fagacearum is one of them, a fungal virus which kills oak trees within a year.  While this may sound like a small problem for such an urban city, this can highly affect property values in a negative way.  It would be worth the city’s money to prevent this problem from spreading by isolating this virus.  The trash on the street is part of living in New York city, the evident problem with this is that it attracts rats, but what is less thought of is the number of beetles that feed on food that has been left out. Beetles happen to be the main way that Ceratocystis Fagacearum is able to spread so quickly, along with the population of beetles which can rapidly increase due to the amount of food left out on the streets to feed on. In order to decrease the number of beetles which spread the disease is to take the trash, food specifically, off of the streets.  New Yorkers are known to be stubborn, people in the city are busy and if there is no incentive to compost, many people won’t take the extra time to.  I propose to put well-sealed bins which give people three cents per pound of compost. Where will this compost go?  It would be dispensed underground to lots and trees to help the soil.  By limiting the number of beetles that can live in New York and helping the soil of all trees, the trees will be healthier and property values will rise.  A healthier, wealthier city is what we should all want.

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