Sustainable Systems Reaction 6


I think that 10 Billion could be put to so much better use if used wisely. While I understand how essential the physical Wall Street is to America’s economy, pouring 10 billion dollars into protecting it is not worth the money along with the amount of pollution and loss of wetlands that would be included with this. Also, how long would this plan need to go on for, creating more pollution to change the effects of climate change is ineffective and more money would have to be poured into this project in the future. I say the best way to spend that money is to give it to scientists who are actively trying to combat change, pay for New Yorkers to have reusable bags.  Maybe collect this money from increasing taxing things like plastic bags, soda cans, and styrofoam.

Compost Dispenser to Fight Fungus

There are many invasive species in New York City. Ceratocystis Fagacearum is one of them, a fungal virus which kills oak trees within a year.  While this may sound like a small problem for such an urban city, this can highly affect property values in a negative way.  It would be worth the city’s money to prevent this problem from spreading by isolating this virus.  The trash on the street is part of living in New York city, the evident problem with this is that it attracts rats, but what is less thought of is the number of beetles that feed on food that has been left out. Beetles happen to be the main way that Ceratocystis Fagacearum is able to spread so quickly, along with the population of beetles which can rapidly increase due to the amount of food left out on the streets to feed on. In order to decrease the number of beetles which spread the disease is to take the trash, food specifically, off of the streets.  New Yorkers are known to be stubborn, people in the city are busy and if there is no incentive to compost, many people won’t take the extra time to.  I propose to put well-sealed bins which give people three cents per pound of compost. Where will this compost go?  It would be dispensed underground to lots and trees to help the soil.  By limiting the number of beetles that can live in New York and helping the soil of all trees, the trees will be healthier and property values will rise.  A healthier, wealthier city is what we should all want.

Sustainable Systems Reaction 5

Japanese Service Creates Wearable Super Realistic Replicas Of Your Pet’s Head

This article most definitely stood out to me just because of the title of it. My first question would be why would anyone feel the need to buy this?  Then, I remember some people are rich and really into their pets. Honestly, I can’t image spending $2,712.60 USD on getting a head of my pet.  I think that pets faces should remain on their heads.

Movie Reaction Sustainable Systems

The most surprising part of this movie for me was the oil leak in Montana.  The couple who lived on a ranch with their goats had to change their lives when mining destroyed their property. This angered me because they had put such an effort into conserving that land and investing time into it just to have it destroyed.  This shows that instances like this could happen to anyone, which is scary to think about.  I also thought that this movie was oddly very political in a radical way, but also made me think about what else we could be doing to help while at the same time remaining a Capitalist country.

Sustainable Systems Reaction 4

“How to cure the shopping addiction that’s destroying our planet”

I chose this article because I make an effort to get the majority of my clothes from thrift stores but I know I am also very material sometimes and shop at places like forever 21 just because it’s easier while also being affordable. This article points out that fast fashion adds to the top 5 polluters of oil.  This problem may seem easy but changing peoples subconscious decisions and daily tendencies are tough along with how fast fashion trends change. For me, I usually wear thrifted Levis and a black tank top, but there are times when I feel pressured to change my style, and buy clothes from Brandy or Fashion Nova. I think this article makes a good point of comparing fast fashion to the problem of plastic bags because it is to the same degree.


-What is a short overview of the assignment and purpose?

To create a piece of jewelry based off of your client’s jewelry preferences.
-What was your process?

I first asked her what types of jewelry she likes, sketched a few ideas then made two prototypes. Then I added details to them for printing.  When I printed I realized my first prototype didn’t work so I had to change it.
-Explain how you went about completing the project and what tools applied.

For this project, we used Adobe Illustrator and the laser cutter.
-What did you focus on? Client? Concept? Goal?

I focused on the fact that her favorite animal was a bunny and that she loved flowers.  I took these elements into my design along with the consideration that her favorite color was white.
-What did you learn? Did the critique play a part? Were changes made?

I learned that jewelry making is very hard and a lot of factors play into a simple design.  I had to change my design three times in order to create my piece. During the critique, my main feedback was that the chain was too long, in the future I would make it adjustable.
-What will you take with you beyond the time of the project?

I want to make more jewelry in the future and incorporate the same methods.
-What did you find most rewarding about the experience?

Finally seeing the project on my client.  I was happy that she was happy.


Sustainable Systems Reaction 3

I chose the article on if animals have feelings because I know we have a project coming up on taking the perspective of an animal. The first part of the article I have already found very evident, that animals have consciousness, but what I didn’t know was the complexity of a birds brain and how mysteriously it works. The new topic that I found interesting was the evolution of consciousness and what that means, and how similar ours is to a bird, collecting memories like us.   Although I knew that birds did this, it’s interesting to think about how my perspective would change if I was one. I found it interesting how fish even fake orgasms which is something you wouldn’t think about.

Community Garden Reflection

While visiting the community gardens, I realized the significance behind them and I have started recognizing them while walking around the East Village or Stuy town. It was inspiring to see such a powerful movement at the roots.  Instead of complaining, they took actions to improve their community.  This helped me to lean back and consider how I could take action in my own community other than just recognizing the problem.