Draw String Bag

String Bag Process: 1. Cut fabric rectangle 54″x28″    2. Iron fabric 3. On the long side fold, press, and pin at 3/8” to hem the raw edge. Machine stitch at 1/4” from the fold    4. Fold again at 3/4” to finish hemming and contain the raw edge, press, and pin. Machine stitch at 1/8” from the first […]

Jewelry: The Body Transformed

<Part 1> Object 1:       Designer/Creator: Cartier (French, founded 1847) Name of Object: Five-strand Pearl Necklace Origin(where was it made?): London Season/Year: 1928 Function: emblem of respectability and social status Fabrication: Natural pearls, diamonds, platinum Form: basic necklace form Even from a distance, I was able to notice that it’s a pearl necklace. A […]

Communal self-portrait in wire

     For my communal self-portrait project, I first came up with three ideas: social media, rose, and school uniform. After having discussion in the class, I decided to work on high school uniform. I had many good and bad memories with my friends in high school years. I was attending school named CCS in Korea. […]