Communal self-portrait in wire


For my communal self-portrait project, I first came up with three ideas: social media, rose, and school uniform. After having discussion in the class, I decided to work on high school uniform. I had many good and bad memories with my friends in high school years. I was attending school named CCS in Korea. It was very small school that our grade had less than 20 students. Therefore, we were all very close and school treated us like family. However, since CCS closed due to some problems, all 11 students of our grade had to move together to another school. Since we all moved together and go through hardships together, I am really thankful to the both schools that helped building our relationships. I learned a lot from my high school community and it was one of the significant time of my life. This is why I wanted to portray my school uniform in a wire.



After I decided to do a school uniform, I looked up some wire works in Pinterest and I found a picture that gave me an inspiration for this project. I really liked the delicacy of the clothes made in thin wire and hang in the think hanger. So, I kept this overall mood into my work and sketched final piece.


Then, I went to Blick store and bought materials.

  • Wire cutters
  • Thin wire – uniforms
  • Thick wire – hanger
  • Metal sheet – foundation


I first sketched the uniforms on the paper and tried to follow the lines with wire. After making uniforms, I start to make a hanger and the bottom part. Since the thick wire was little weak to stand properly on the metal sheet, I used bottle cap to make it more stable. I also thought that bottle cap can represent a wheel that is attached in a moveable clothes rack.


I put uniforms on the hanger and finally it’s done!


Overall, I am satisfied with my final piece, but there are few parts that I think it might have been done better. For example, it would be much better if I used only wire for attaching part instead of glue gun. Also I should have think more about displaying because I totally forgot about the tables in our classroom which is so similar to the metal sheet on the bottom of my work.

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