Text as Image and Impact: The News

Inspired by the bright vibrant colours I decided to name my magazine ‘Flame’. Both photos are mine and it’s meant to be a very young and fun fashion magazine. In the Spring 2018 design I went for a more edgy design and a more playful design for the Summer 2018 issue. These designs are carefully thought out to correlate with the seasons.

Service image

How techniques did you use in making your design?

In this assignment we had to create a service image to bring out a message that can be simple to read and interpret. On the black paper I cut out the human and dog shape, then took a photo and brought it into Illustrator. After using image trace I brought it into Photoshop and coloured in the dog and leash to emphasise on the message of leashing your dog.

What is the goal of you Service Image?

My message was to ‘Leash your dog’


Between the folds

This is an in depth video on paper folding, it can also be called origami. In this documentary, various artist/scientist are interviewed, their work are being showcased in their own style and talked about who inspired them to start folding paper.

In the video I have noticed there are almost no woman who pursues a serious interest like the people interviewed. We probably view paper folding as an art form but after this video, I realised that there is a lot of science behind folding paper and how it could revolutionary and a science breakthrough.

A very inspiring film.