Open Works: Pattern Projection

Final Installation video:


Presentation photoINfo board


Video of Pattern Projections:


When one analyzes changes in fashion throughout history, there are several ways in which the changes can be broken down: silhouette, print, color, and textile. It is the combination of these criteria that when changed, dictate trends that we then correlate with certain periods of time. For example, when one spots a graphic op art black and white print, their mind is automatically thinks of the 1960s. Similar is the short shapeless dress covered with fringe we have come to know as the “flapper” dress immediately associated with the 1920s. I find the associations we create between trend and decade fascinating – Why and how does one print dictate the styles for an entire decade? Are there any underlying causes of this? and How did the 20th century become so extremely diverse in trend? It is these questions I will explore in my final project.

In order to help answer these questions, my project will focus on portraying the changes in print, color, and textile in fashion throughout the 20th century. The final piece will be an installation using video projection with a 3D element. I will create a basic top and pants out of canvas, and then project onto the garments a compilation of patterns each representing a specific period in the 20th century. This will focus attention away from silhouette and more towards print, color, and textile used to distinguish different periods of time. This timeline format video will also include dates and significant political and social events that will help to give context for the audience.

The purpose of this installation is to find answers to the questions as listed above, along with serving as a visual timeline to analyze trends of print, color, and textile and their occurrences in the 20th century. The video projection format will be an engaging way for audience to view the information presented, and will encourage viewers to pay close attention to the correlation between trends of the 20th century and passing of time.



This project was created to show the passage of time through a specific element of fashion. Through research of fabric prints of the time, I found that each decade of the 20th century was not only defined by a garment’s silhouette, but also by textile and print. The installation relates to the perception of time – through culture, technology, and units of time. It’s content covers the span of a century, categorizing by decade and analyzing history of textiles in a specific period. The use of video projection organizes the way in which time is contained, speeding it up in a time lapse. In terms of learning objectives, I think that the objective to “demonstrate a comprehension of skills, materials, and processes to convey notions of time using analog tools” is one of the most relevant to my project. Even though I am using video format, I think that having the 3D element of the dress to project onto greatly changes how the viewer experiences the installation and perceives time. The analog work that I had to do (making mood boards, the mind map, and sketches) was important to the final result.

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