DS 1 Phase 1: Knitwear Exploration

Design Studio exploration of personal design aesthetic and identity as a designer.

Exploration with knitwear design.

Sketches Set 2: Inspired by sketchbook pages; groups of mini collections and ideas, also includes reworked croquis

Sketches Set 1: Inspired by sketchbook pages; groups of mini collections and ideas


Swatches: Explorational knitwear swatches

Double RuffleRibTerryBobbles

Sketchbook and Inspiration: A collection of personal sketches, found images, and texture as ideas for possible designs

SB 1 SB 2

SB 3

SB 4

SB 5

SB 6

SB 7

Designer Sketch Research: Styles that I think could be used to convey my designs

Designer Croquis_Page_1 Designer Croquis_Page_2 Designer Croquis_Page_4 Designer Croquis_Page_6

Identity Board: Images that capture my aesthetic and that inspire me

Identity BoardIdentity Board Descriptions







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