Project: Experimental shirt created by deconstructing a mens shirt and using the fabric to create a new one. For my shirt, I chose to take apart a shirt and a sweater.







Shirt-4Shirt-6 Shirt-8

Technical Development



IMG_4535 copyShirt DetailIMG_4521

Pattern making/Cutting

Laying out pattern pieces on shirting

Pattern Cutting

Pattern pieces



Original Garments

The Sweater


The Shirt





Scan 1

Scan 2Scan


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Shirt/Sweater Hybrid



Conceptual Menswear Design

Conceptual Menswear Design

Reflection: For my shirt, I chose to take apart a shirt and a sweater, creating a hybrid of the two garments. The first part of the project was to deconstruct a classic men’s shirt and drape it on the form, coming up with new shapes with all of the pieces. While draping, I felt as though it was not inspiring me, so I decided to do more research on the shirt rather than just constructing. When researching conceptual menswear designers, I came across a Kris Van Assche collection from Fall/Winter 2013. In this collection, there were many pieces combining different garments, such as a sweater and men’s shirt. This really inspired my design because I am very interested in knitwear. Originally, I was going to knit the actual shirt material, but I decided this was not clean enough and was not the aesthetic I was trying to achieve. I also did not have enough material to do so. Finally, I decided to deconstruct a classic wool sweater as well, combining it with the men’s shirt. The final garment incorporates the sweater on the front and the shirt on the back. I tried to hide the men’s shirt as much as possible – the only hints are in the back where the polo logo is and at the closure. I patterned the shirt, including the back and sleeves. Also important to me was to create a clean finish on the inside, which I did by using bias around the sweater (also preventing unraveling) and French seams. For the closure, I used the placket from the front of the shirt and hid it at the shoulder seam. Overall, I am very pleased with how my shirt turned out!

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