Project: Dress design using techniques learned throughout the semester with a focus on the inside elements.

Final Dress


Grey bias cut silk charmeuse slip dress

(under-slip not pictured)

903 dress edited more901

801 zoom

DSC_0647  DSC_0676

On dress form

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Technical Development

Illustration and Flats

IllustrationDress Flat-01


Scan 2Scan Scan 1


Conceptural Dress Design


My final dress is a bias cut slip dress in grey silk charmeuse with a black silk under-slip. The inspiration for this design came from designers Martin Margiela and Calvin Klein from the mid 1990s. Both designers are known for their slip dresses – a style which became increasingly popular at the time. In my original dress design, the slip was not the main dress and was meant to go underneath a wool dress. After learning how to cut the slip on the bias and realizing how beautiful it could be, I felt like I really wanted to highlight the slip and therefore discarded the wool dress design. In order to fulfill the “inside” concept, I created a secondary slip that is shorter and fits closer to the body. I am extremely happy with how the dress turned out and I am glad that I chose to only make the slip.  For the photoshoot, I chose to embrace 1990s seduction and (my friend) shot my dress in a bar at night. I really wanted to highlight the elegance and shine of the dress, so most photos are shot with flash. Along with this, almost all of the photographs are shot with color film, adding to the 90s mood. Even though the dress itself is very simple, I worked hard to edge the entire dress with bias and learned a new technique (cutting/draping on bias) while keeping high technical quality, and it also photographed very well.

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