ARS: Reflection Post

Artist designer statement

My name is Marissa Petteruti, I am from Pennsylvania and am currently a fashion design major at Parsons School of Design. I am primarily focused on women’s ready-to-wear with an interest in knitwear and streetwear. Although most of what I make is fashion design, I also work in graphic design and am working to bridge the two interests. The womenswear I like to design takes many cues from menswear, and is therefore androgynous. I put a lot of emphasis on structure and silhouette rather than material to transform the body. Wearability and practical function is important to me, while being able to showcase creativity and artistry. The girl I design for is edgy, confident, and expressive in the way she dresses. It is important to me to communicate who I am to the world through my work, to express my point of view and to aid the wearer in expressing themselves in the most genuine way possible. A great amount of research goes into my work, executed through mind maps and image sourcing in order to create meaning beyond aesthetics. Looking forward, I am starting to work more with graphics and typography mixed with fashion design, along with examining the gender barriers of fashion to influence the way we perceive fashion today.

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