Each Sheet: 8.5IN X 11IN
Bed Size : 3.5FT X 7.5 FT
Invalid code, Copy Paper, Sheet of Plywood, 9 Bricks, 6 Hand Dyed Muslin Sheets, Nails, Projection, Video.

LA BIBLIOTECA ADENTRO DE MI is a series composed of handmade books.The books within the series are each made up of two individual stacks of paper. The stacks of paper are taken from a previous installation, EDEN. Within EDEN, stacks of coded poems printed on copy paper were used to make an altar/bed. The intention within EDEN was to create a new environment in which my families religious beliefs and my Queer sexuality could coexist.
In LA BIBLIOTECA ADENTRO DE MI, the books are bound by screws and handmade metal parts.Through the presentation of the books, I want to reference the motif created by Felix Gonzalez-Torres of identical objects representing same-sex couples. The pages within the books contain coded love poems which can be decoded through a guide available in my online portfolio. The books are joined through a process of interleaving, and due to friction are impossible to separate. Ropes, tied in eight knots, provide a way for the audience to test the strength of the books. The books confront the expectations of paper and fragility. However, the friction by which the books cling to each other, can withhold extreme weight, therefore creating a hopeful image of strength and perseverance within same-sex relationships.

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