Each Sheet: 8.5IN X 11IN
Bed Size : 3.5FT X 7.5 FT
Invalid code, Copy Paper, Sheet of Plywood, 9 Bricks, 6 Hand Dyed Muslin Sheets, Nails, Projection, Video.

Within EDEN, I made an altar/bed out of stacked paper for my girlfriend at the time, Alina Vazquez. Written on the individual sheets of paper are a love poems in my coded language, INVALID, which I created in order to be able to write about my queer relationships without fear. In total there were 10,500 sheets of paper. The paper was placed in stacks on a sheet of wood, which was held up by 6 bricks. The room in which the installation was placed had 6 tapestries nailed into the walls. The tapestries were made of hand dyed muslin fabric. This fabric was dyed flesh color which dripped on to the floor. Projected on the wall, was a video of a letter being typed in my code. The letter is at times decoded in order to be legible in English.
The purpose of this installation was to create a holy space for my sexuality and relationship. The use of mundane/daily objects within my work is something that I prefer to do in order to not distance myself from my audience. I wanted to juxtapose Latin American Catholicism, and a Queer relationship, to create a space where they both exist. The layout of the installation is meant to mimic that of a church and through the placement of the altar/bed, the audience is encouraged to move around the room, creating the sense of a ritual.

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