Each sheet: 11 x 17 inches
Installation: Varies
Printed Paper, Nails.

MAS is an ongoing installation that chronicles, POC representation, self love, community and strength, while simultaneously allowing for reflection on current political climate and immigration policies. MAS consists of various dark skin tones nailed to a wall and presented together. The shades within MAS, are found within Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty line. Fenty Beauty has released 40 shades of foundation alongside its racially inclusive makeup. The diversity and inclusion brought by Fenty to the beauty industry has been groundbreaking, but emphasizes the previous (and continuous) anti-blackness and segregation of products, representation and ideologies within it.
MAS, brings into conversation the influence and significance of representation. Aside from the pop culture elements within MAS, topics such as capitalism, politics, immigration, LGBTQ rights, and the Latinx experience are indulged in as well. The construction of a wall-like structure, with the inclusion of Brown + Black skin tones, nails, labor and Spanish language all create a conversation about immigration. Within MAS, Brown + Black skin tones take over the white gallery space, in a loud and transformative way, as I have to perform the laborious process of nailing each sheet into the wall. There are no translations to the word MAS, and the vague-one worded title and statement allows for the speculation and reflection of an otherwise rigorously structured conceptual piece.
MAS is asking for more POC representation, more conversation on POC topics, more community, more solidarity. MAS is evoking the audience to be moved by the possibility of what could be- in order to envision a world and future that not only includes POC, but holds us central to its creation.