TU // YO

VIDEO LINK 1: https://vimeo.com/245867381
VIDEO LINK 2: https://vimeo.com/245867144
VIDEO LINK 3: https://vimeo.com/245867046

TU // YO, was a performance piece that seeked to further explore the concepts and questions brought up by AMOR IGUAL. The video projection aspect of AMOR IGUAL was appealing to me however, I wanted to find a way to give the concept of revolutionary LGBTQ POC self-love and same-sex love a more tangible interpretation. The mirrors used the TU // YO performance are the same mirrors used to film AMOR IGUAL. The decision to include visible mirrors and our bodies within a performance led to the creation of a graph that is protected alongside the other videos. The graph visually continues the concept of infinite connections both metaphorical and physical.
The four projections within TU // YO, are set up side by side on a wall, with the projection of the graph on an opposite wall. The videos each capture a specific element of the performance. The first video, placed on the left, focuses on the details and close shots of the performances documentation. The second video, placed in the center, showcases the location, as well as the physical interactions and body placement taking place within the performance. And finally, the third video attempts to capture the chain of infinite reflections created when the mirrors used within the performance face each other at a specific angle. The intention when filming the piece was to attempt to capture the infinite reflection, however, as the performance and documentation was taking place, we realized that the infinite reflection cannot be seen by anyone other than the two people holding the mirrors. This revelation completed the piece.
TU // YO, is an intimate experience of POC Latinx self and same sex love, in nature, out loud, in front of god, in front of the sun, but only truly visible to the performers.