Bridge 5

Throughout bridge 4 I have gained a deeper understanding of a place I knew nothing about, Harlem. I have learned about Harlem’s people and culture while also learning about issues the community faces on a daily basis. The issue I decided to focus on was the shortage of teachers in Harlem. This project has allowed me to combine research and my design background to create a memorial that could truly have an impact on a community. The reason why I am at Parsons is because of my love of making things and when a class that focuses primarily on writing is able to incorporate designing a physical thing that make me that much more excited.

Bridge 2: finding (feeling, tasting, smelling, seeing, experiencing) the authentic city

Our walk started On the Upper East Side outside of Gigi’s apartment and we made our way south towards central park. In central park we ran into this group of street performers and they were so entertaining we stayed and watched for at least half an hour. They were doing flips and jumping over people from the audience. Then we got on the subway and took it down to SoHo where Casey’s Studio is and took pictures down there. We eventually took the subway back up to Greenwich village and visited Washington Square park and Union Square park.

Related image

An image from Casey’s video

The NYC Book Art Fair

Lee Lozono

Private book 1  

Published by Karma

Private Book 1 is a recreation of one of Lee Lozono’s private journals. Its is constructed in the same was as a small pocket sized note book. It has a metal spine and her original writing is printed on lined notebook paper. I like this book because it doesn’t really look like a published book. If I came across it anywhere else i would think its someones personal notebook.


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