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This is my rendition of The Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. NY.  Along side actual photos of Barclay’s. I choose to specifically do Barclay’s because NYC is my home and even though I wasn’t born in Brooklyn, everyone always assumes I was, they claim I have that Brooklyn vibe. Which I personally agree. Also, I always wished I was born in Brooklyn too. Don’t get me wrong, Queens is great and all, but I just always felt more connected to Brooklyn. I usually hang out in BK or L.E.S. Moreover, Barclay’s is the first stadium venue I ever been too, around the time when it first open. Plus it entrance is a few steps away from almost every train line in NYC, how convenient. Along side being right across the street from Atlantic Terminal Mall . In addition, Jay-Z on of my favorite hip hop and entrepreneur moguls, played a major part in helping bring this spectacle to life.

In my drawing, I choose not to include the wood panel design the natural building has because I just didn’t see it fit. I’m also still reconsidering if I should have even included the windows. I just don’t know yet.

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