Alphabet emojis


My theme was jobs and activities, but i choose more to focus on activities because I found it easier to come up with ideas of what’s missing. The first one is a pair of laser guns, and the one others are a paint ball gun, I really enjoy this too activities along with many others so i just felt they should be added. Underneath, there is a spray paint bottle, they had a paint palette and I thought what other artist things they didn’t have. They have pencils and pens, under object categories, and i was having a hard time thinking of anything and then bomb, spray painting came to mind. I also did uno, and i wanted to do regular playing cards, but I found the symbols on it playing cards in a different category, so I didn’t. As for the roller skates, it is a highly requested emoji, especially since they have ice skates. Now that I think of it, I should’ve also make roller blades. I made a chess piece and wanted to also do checkers, but I couldn’t think of a way to make them pop out. Then there’s the condom. At first I was going to do a regular version, but then I read a text message from a friend and they where talking about Netflix and the whole idea came up lol. The knitting is also been highly requested along w the softball and lacrosse emoji.

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