Here is my little book based on a a trip and interview with my parent in crime Johnathan

Here is some of the feedback I recieved from my fellow classmate:

I really like the captions I think they flow with the pictures really well and in an unexpected way. Don’t really have any negative feedback! -Autumn

I agree with Autumn the captions are simple but nice. They tie into the pictures well. Nice. -Thomas.

I really like the placement of the pictures and I feel like the captions keep me engaged. However I do feel like you can edit the pictures and make them more interesting. Overall, it’s nicely done! – Amal

I really like the flow of the story and the placement of the words and pictures as you go through the slides. Perhaps have a more conclusive ending? Overall, I really like the story and you can definitely see his personality come through. – Agnes


overall, I think I couldv’e done a few things better and different, but John himself did like it along with everyone who had to guve me feedback. So I know I did something right.

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