The Missing Avatar 3, Final & Statement

I can’t seem to find my final creation, however I can write about it.


So why the fruits, flowers, drawing, purple stuff and most importantly why the specific exhibit? Well here’s why. I orginally went into the project wanting to show hostory for what is truly was, what we don’t always learn or what we always briefly skipped over in school. The real, true, authetic history. However, being to the Musesum of Natrual History more times than I could ever remember, I knew they’re wasn’t a lot for me to work wih the way I orginally attended to. So I had to settle for something less, while stillf finding meaning and importance in it.

I spent just over 3 hours walking around the meuseum, taking pictures and trying to come up with some sort of story in my head, that would make since not only to me and the audeince, but could play into history in some sort of way.

Finally, on my train ride home, I finally came up with an idea. Howver only to actaully get to my computer and change my whole story line. Which brings me to this piece. Located in Eastern and Southern Africa, the Greater Kudu are a type of spiral horned antelope. They’re located in areas why they isn’t much vegatation, and just really bad lands in general, because they were forced out fo their normal breeding grounds but humans. They feed on plants, flowers and fruit, yet based on the exhibit, you can tell there isn’t much food around for them to eat. That’s where my avatar comes into play. My avatar, the cartoon version of who I truly am, plays the role of a gaudian, protector, healer figurien in this peice. I obtain my powers through a certain purple crystal named amythist, which is most found in Africa itself. Through this divine power, I am able to foster life and love back to these beautiful speimens by bringing them the basic nescceities of food and water, along side love and protection. Without my avatar, this would just be a dead wasteland where you happen to come across a few Greater Kudu who seem to be in search of something. All in all, this peice is a dedication to the motherland, Africa and showing my connections and ties to the place I have yet to travel, but holds so much significance to me.


Personally, I still wish I couldv’e old a different and more impactful story, but I was forced to work with what resources I had avaliable at the time.

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