City as Resource #1

  • Rita McBride



Are these real lasers?

Why is everything so moist and the floor wet?

What happens if one would touch a laser?

Why specifically green lasers?

Why is the structured like this (kind sprially)?

Why does the lasers seem to be sparkering

Is the water evaporating as it hits the laser?

Is water falling from the ceiling?

Why is the room dark?

Why is this the only piece?

How long should you stare at this exhibit?

Is this bad for the eye?

Can we touch the puddles?

How many lasers? 16 lasers


Eyes adjusted to light/dark

Humid asf

Steam/smoke radiating off the lasers

Water puddles and streams on the floor

Barricades not straight

Seating available on the opposite wall

No two beams ever touch

Smells like a basement

Building brick, however laser bounce off black material

Quiet, minimal talking, generator and water drops only heard


  • Gordon Parks

‘I Am You | Part 2’

“What I want. What I am. What you force me to be is what you are. For I am you, staring back from a mirror of poverty and despair, of revolt and freedom. Look at me and know that to destroy me is to destroy yourself.”


What was part 1 centered around?

Is part 1 on exhibit anywhere else in the world?

Curated by city?

Why photograph all similar sizes?

Exact time frame of each photo group?

Commissioned or personal photographs?

Why were the colored photos specifically colored and not B&W?

Why all white frames?

Why was the gallery specifically curated this way?

What camera(s) was used?

What drove his passion?

Meaning behind video?

Location of photograph with dj and the city in the far background?

Personally known Ali?



A lot of people

Most photos black & white

Fire hydrant photo connected me to my childhood

Mostly non-poc came to observe, only myself and 2 other African Americans

People strolling, very few truly observant

Mix of historical and everyday people depicted in photographs

None of his fashion pieces present

One video piece, most people ignored this

More kids depicted than other galleries I’ve ever visited

One section geared towards resistance

  • David Nolan

‘This Synthetic Moment’


Inspiration derived from?

Locations of shoots?

H.I.M Corps meaning?

History has changed, but has it really?

Why curated this way?

Meaning behind sculptures?

Why this location for the gallery?



Different types of frames, some not framed

Printed on all different types of materials

Only 2 other people came in during my duration there

Some color, while some b&w

Mixed subjects: objects, fashion, people, nature

Video piece in a room with 3 other pieces all on separate walls

Same male with camera in two different photographs, in separate rooms, one smiling the other not

Old vs recent photographs

Upstairs room 4 or 5 has sculptures

Some sections of the gallery cut off

Black bodies living in daily situations

Paired photos from same series, one in color, other b&w


Was a pretty cool project, went to more galleries in Chelsea than just these. Overall, I would say my focus is on people of color. More so in the form of social justice and bringing awareness, but also casting a light on the beauty of our culture. That’s why I specifically choose Parker and Nolan. As for Mcbride, I wanted to explore my love for the science’s. This one stood out to me because it was a psychically piece, that played off the idea of light and dark, and most intriguing lasers. 

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